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Environmental awareness shouldn't be the plight and passion of an esoteric group on campus -- it is fundamentally more universal than that. That is why the fostering of partnerships with other groups and communities around campus is an exciting development!

Your daily dose of excitement, then is this: yesterday the EcoReps received an email from the producers of Columbia Musical Theater Society's production of The Secret Garden who are "very interested in developing [the] environmental themes [of the show] for the audience by partnering with another group on campus to highlight the relevance of these issues today, in causes like global warming, sustainable development, and community gardening." The show, which goes up in December in Roone , is based on the story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and explores the idea of human duty to protect nature.

This December, Columbia Musical Theatre Society will present The Secret Garden in Roone Arledge Auditorium. We would love to work with CU Eco Reps to collaborate on how to enhance the environmental themes of the show.

The producers have suggested that the EcoReps work with CMTS to develop a joint programming/marketing strategy that connects the values and themes of The Secret Garden with the present reality of the situation.

The union is still in talks, but this marks a landmark communication between the EcoReps and non-
environmental groups! Here's to the trend catching on.

                                                           Image courtesty of Golden West College Theater

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