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Check out , a great site about green events and initiatives going on right now, and green tips you can use to make a change.

One of their current initiatives is about the still unresolved environmental impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The amount of trash and pollution beyond accepted levels is evidence of social and environmental injustice. Two years passed since Hurricane Katrina, but its environmental impact – as well as others – is still as blatant as the day it hit.

To make a difference, visit to get informed about the challenges New Orleans is facing in remediation and recovery. There is also the possibility of going down to New Orleans to volunteer with the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice's "A Safe Way Home" project, and work on remediation of soil to reduce pollution. Or you can simply make donations to community groups who are working to make New Orleans a habitable environmental by accepted standards once more. This is a great ongoing initiative that you can support by taking some very simple steps!

Written by Yasemin Erboy

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