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"Man-made global warming is not just a matter for environmental policy, it is also becoming a strategic question for foreign policy in terms of security and stability. Spreading deserts, ever more scarce water, devastating storms and floods or ruined harvests mean expulsion, hunger and suffering.
"The fuels of Earth's industrialization are energy and raw materials. We are seeing how the race for both these fuels is well underway. To date, thank goodness, these have been peaceful struggles but it is plain to see that there is a risk of escalation as soon as scarcity starts impacting economic growth and people's way of life. That is why I for a good two years now have been emphasizing above all else that, looking to the future, a cooperative energy security policy is one of the central pillars of far-sighted foreign or peace policy."

Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier
Speech on Current German Foreign-Policy Issues at the German Council on Foreign Relations
September 11, 2007

Posted by: Andrea Gallardo

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