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One of the tools being utilized this year is delegation - splitting up responsibility for projects among the themed committees of water issues, dining hall and food issues, solid waste and recycling issues, and energy and efficiency issues.

Over plates of cheese and bread, we split into our respective committees at Friday's meeting (the second of the year) to discuss more focused goals. In the solid waste and recycling issue committee, newcomer Ellen Ward talked about Concordia University, which has a student group that rents out reusable sets of plates and silverware to student groups hosting events. It is a creative solution to the plastic and styrofoam nightmares of the past, and something that could be easily implemented. Compliments to Ellen for bringing it to the table!

EcoReps meets at 5 pm in JJ's Place underneath John Jay dorm. Please come! There will always be food and conversation.

-posted by Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti

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    Liz said...

    I think that is an awesome idea. Would anybody be up for a trip to Salvation Army to find a bunch of silverware? We could store everything in a big plastic bin, and we can even have the group just dump dirty (but scraped) plates in the bin and then we'll just fill it up with nice soap and water for a cleaning. MMMMMM who doesn't love bath time?

  1. ... on October 3, 2009 at 2:24 PM  
  2. jfsinel07 said...

    Epic post you have here! Its a must to share them with others. At some point I just want to know if you have any social media pages that I could look up to and add you or follow your for some upcoming posts. Big thanks and keep me updated.

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